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We Fund Up To 50% Of Your Capital Commitments So That You Can Worry Less and Invest More 

It is as easy as...


Upload your Capital Account Statement


Get immediate approval for up to 50% financing for your unfunded commitment*

*On Pre-Approved Funds


Have peace of mind that you will meet all your capital calls

Top Pre-Approved General Partners: 

Liquidity Solutions for Individuals 

Institutions are already using sophisticated solutions (i.e NAV Loans or Preferred Equity) to manage liquidity or over-invest. You should do the same. 

Verx Capital understands that it may be difficult for an individual to predict the timing and size of future capital calls in a given year. We provide solutions that make it very easy for individuals to manage their liquidity to meet every capital call, get peace of mind, and over-invest. 

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Get In Touch

Reach out to learn more. We can provide binding terms in 24 hours for pre-approved funds. 

We Keep It Simple

We have a list of pre-approved funds in which Verx can fund up to 50% of your capital commitment (50% LTV) . The approximate cost of capital for our solution is low to mid-teens.

2% Arrangement Fee

If you finance $1mm of Capital Commitments,  your day 1 balance will be $1mm + $20k

~13% PIK

Approximately 13% PIK. Verx has priority over distributions until the balance is paid down. 

Full Transparency 

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