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Get Immediate Liquidity For Your Private Equity Investment 

It is as easy as...


Upload your Capital Account Statement 


Borrow up to 50% of NAV immediately*

*On Pre-Approved Funds


99% of funds are distributed within 5 business days

Top Pre-Approved General Partners: 

Liquidity Solutions for Individuals 

We understand that the long holding periods and the illiquidity of the asset class is more of a problem for individuals than it is for instituions

Verx makes it very easy for individuals invested in private equity funds to get early liquidity without taking steep discounts or giving up the upside. We do this through straightforward financing solutions using your portion of the fund's Net Asset Value (NAV or Unrealized Value) as collateral. 

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Get In Touch

Reach out to learn more. We can provide binding terms in 24 hours for pre-approved funds. 

We Keep It Simple

We have a list of pre-approved funds in which you can borrow up to 50% of NAV (50% LTV) immediately. The approximate cost of capital for our solution is 13%-15%

2% Arrangement Fee

If you realize $1mm of NAV,  your day 1 balance will be $1mm + $20k

Minimum 12% IRR

We will have priority on fund distributions until we get paid back enough proceeds to generate a 12% return  

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