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Introducing Fixed Capital Call Schedule For Individual Investors

It is as simple as...


Verx will call from you the same amount every year


When the GP calls more than the fixed amount, Verx covers the excess 


When the GP calls less than the fixed amount, Verx passes on interest earned from money market account to you 

Top Pre-Approved General Partners: 

The Timing Uncertainty of Capital Calls is Stressful

One of the biggest challenge for individuals investing in private equity is managing capital calls

It is stressful for the individual and their advisor to predict the timing of capital calls (CC). Unlike institutions, high net worth (HNW) individuals (even ultra-HNW) do not have a lot of cash available. 

This causes stress from the possibility of not being able to meet a CC or leads to overcorrecting and having too much in cash on the sidelines. 

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Fixed capital call schedule.


No more stress from timing uncertainty

Eliminate opportunity cost from having too much cash set aside

Attract more individual investors

How Does Verx Get Paid?

Verx fees are largely offset by the interest rate earned from the money market account that we pass on to you

2% Arrangement Fee

If you have $1mm of Capital Commitments, Verx will charge you a 2% (20k) upfront fee

~13% Credit Facility

When GP calls exceed Verx calls, the credit facility kicks in

Full Transparency 

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