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Verx is a turn-key self-service platform that will enable you to provide your liquidity solutions via wealth channels at scale

It is as easy as...


Choose collateral you already like

(i.e KKR Flagship Funds)


Set standard terms

(i.e 50% LTV, 13% PIK, 1.3x Min ROI)


Verx digitally guides the advisor through terms, pre-approval, legal, deposit of funds and more within minutes.  

Unlock a new sourcing channel

We understand that it is easier for a GP to scale by doing bigger deals with the same deal team size. But everyone is doing that...

Verx software makes smaller deals scalable, giving you a competitive advantage.    

We are in the early innings of Private Equity attracting individual investors. If liquidity is already the biggest challenge for large institutional LPs, it is an even more acute problem for the individual. 

Why solve a problem for smaller LPs if you could double down on bigger deals? 

- Verx makes doing hundreds of smaller deals just as easy as doing one big deal

Lower competition

- Better risk-reward profile

     Smaller LPs expect to pay more than institutional LPs ​

     No additional risk to you since it is the same collateral 

Get In Touch

Verx software can be applied to many use cases:

Pref Solutions (Private Equity Funds) 

Pref Solutions (Open-Ended Funds) 

NAV Loans

Unfunded Relief 

Credit Facilities 

& More

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